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Criminal out stealingSecurity on smartphones is more important than ever before. A lot of people have lost huge sums of money to phone hackers despite not even using their smartphones at the times that they have been billed for massive reverse call charges. For that reason I want to take a look at mobile device security software to keep you safe whilst browsing the web with your smartphone or other mobile device.

There have been numerous cases of people losing a lot of money, in several cases hundreds of pounds, by having their phones hacked into. In these cases it is likely that some malicious code has been installed onto the phone or other mobile device to enable it to make chargeable calls to a spammer so that firstly the spammer makes money from the call, which is usually made to a “Super Premium Rate” number, and secondly so that account and other security details can be passed on to the spammer also.

(A “Super Premium Rate” number is one that charges around £10 per minute or more for calls!)

It is very difficult to otherwise explain the many cases of people claiming to have not even been using their phones on the days when huge bills were racked up by their mobile devices calling these spam callers.

In fact one of the major drawbacks with being able to access the internet through mobile phones is the probability of your unsecured phone being controlled by others without your knowledge and all of the dangers that can entail.

For that reason it is very important that you consider your mobile devices security as a top priority before you leave this page and forget about it. Failure to do so now might leave you open to mobile phone hackers!


Firstly you should not even answer many of the calls that you believe to be from pest or nuisance callers. Simply searching out information on the caller’s number will give you an idea as to whether they constantly bombard others with pest sales calls.

Secondly you should never call back an unknown number to see who it is without searching for the number first online, just to be certain that you are not calling back a super premium rate number. This step alone could save you a fortune and help to keep your mobile phone a little more secure.

Above all else never click upon a link contained within a text message from a number you do not know. This is perhaps the number one way that a hacker can take control of your smartphone and begin to steal both your details and your money.


Of course there is so much more that you can do when considering your mobile devices security and it need not be expensive. In fact you can get some perfectly useful and reasonably powerful mobile phone security software completely FREE! Even a simple web search will give you a handful of top companies with a very highly trusted reputation for delivering good quality security software that is now compatible with a variety of different mobile devices and device operating systems.

At this stage I would like to write up some initial mobile device security reviews of the best security software products for mobile devices that I have found from my own personal experience with the companies and also from my own research online. That will at least give you a good starting point to begin with.

(Please note that all of the best mobile device security software providers offer free trials, so you can at least test out the software and see how it performs on your device before committing to a full license).

Mcafee mobile device security software advertisement

Two of the perhaps better known phone security software providers (at least in the desktop world) are Mcafee and Norton. Norton’s mobile device security software can be found at

Although I have never tried Norton, preferring instead to only use Mcafee on my pc who I was with for many years, I am at least aware that it is a very big name in security software and that they have been around for years and know what they are doing.

Additionally I have also heard well of Bullguard and Kaspersky, although without a doubt in my mind Kaspersky would be the more famous name in security software – I have used a few of their rescue disks and other offerings from time to time in the past. Anyway Bullguard and Kaspersky’s mobile device security software offerings can be found at and respectively.

Finally for the completely free phone security software I would like to mention Lookout and Avast. I have never had any dealings with either of the two companies or their products in the past. However both Lookout and Avast are very highly ranked in Google for their mobile security software and from my research are constantly receiving very high praise and high marks in other mobile security reviews from those conducting regular benchmark tests. Their offerings can be found at and respectively.


Naturally you want to continue to access the internet through mobile phones and other devices whilst relaxing at home or away on holiday. However you must take some reasonable steps to look after the security of your precious mobile devices and the personal information contained within them.

Therefore you should focus some attention on your mobile devices security right now. There is much that you can do to keep your smartphone or other mobile device safe and secure in the ways that you use them. There is a whole lot more that you can do by installing free mobile security software, the links here providing you with a good starting point.

What is the best product for security on smartphones? Well if I had to chose just one then Lookout is both FREE and ranks really highly in an incognito Google search, meaning that the search should be a true and reflective search of what Google considers to be a good result to return for the phrase “Security On Smartphones” and so for that reason I would probably have to say that Lookout is the best free phone security software product.

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